Mind Body Approach – The Permanent Anxiety and Depersonalization Cure

The mind body approach, from the standpoint of someone who's "been there," is the definitive way to eliminate anxiety and depersonalization and prevent their return. In my estimation, that's what counts.

This is about changing the way you think, the way you eat and the way you choose to live your life. This is about results.

Medications only served to make me tired and frankly, never turned off anxiety or depersonalization 100%. I wanted permanently relief and nothing less. I had enough of half-baked techniques. I wanted it all. I wanted to feel like "my old self" again, minus the intrusion of anxiety.

I had been "around the block" with all approaches to anxiety and can personally vouch for this "one-two punch" combination over all others. All it requires is a willingness to suspend judgment and follow the plan. Use it and it will not let you down.

Mind Body Therapy

MIND: Behavioral Therapy or RETRAIN THE BRAIN

Change the way you think and you will change the way your react. This is a fact. We are what we think about all day long.

Self-Tranquilize through thought changing.

There are ways to stop self-sabotage thinking and create a stress-free existence. This is not difficult and it works quickly. Catching yourself in negative thinking patterns is the first step. CATCH THE SELF-SABOTAGE RELATED THOUGHTS … HINT: They all begin with "what if." Worry-mode thinking will often stop when acknowledged. Break the habit by catching yourself. You'll embarrass the brain which interrupts the self-sabotage behavior pattern.

Learn to REDIRECT THOUGHTS. What a new and novel idea … You can actually CHOOSE what you wish to think about … and it works!

Anxiety and Depersonalization are fueled by your own fear of them. Learn how to stop fighting the fear and make it work for you. Anxiety is a signal. Recognize this and USE IT.

BODY: Food Therapy

You possess food in your own kitchen that when used correctly:
– Self-Tranquilization through foods.
– Works for you rather than against you.
– Boosts Serotonin Levels (the feel good chemical in the brain) by eating the right foods.
– Shuts down anxiety symptoms and prevents their return.
– Eliminates insomnia faster than you can imagine. Quiets the mind and body faster than any pill.
– Lifts depression and puts you back in control of your life.
– Neutralizes anxiety, depersonalization, depression, OCD, adrenal fatigue and other phases of anxiety.

MIND BODY: Recreational Therapy: along with food therapy will enhance and lift moods, eliminate anxiety and add joy to living.

There is a natural way to eliminate anxiety, which is safer, more effective, less costly and actually enjoyable to use. It's always a choice, but this is one that keeps giving.

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